Making a Difference

Behavior Solutions has proudly served northeast Tennesseee, and surrounding areas since 1998, and we welcome the chance to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

An Effective Alternative to Medications

Applied behavior analysis provides an alternative to the pervasive over-reliance on medications used to treat behavioral issues across America today.  While medications can often help they should never be the first or only approach.  We offer compassionate, comprehensive, and effective treatment of behavioral issues without the use of medications and with the single goal of helping individuals reach their highest level of success and independence.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a tried and true specialty that has been around for over 60 years.  ABA has been more thoroughly researched than any other area of psychology, and its procedures have been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of a broad range of behavior issues.

Feeling Helpless?

We know that challenging behaviors can be overwhelming and leave one feeling helpless.  Our therapists are committed to helping your family establish a clear direction toward meaningful and lasting behavior change.

The Best Results

We believe that the best results are obtained when the individual is assessed and treated in the settings where the behavior problems typically occur versus in an office.

A Relationship for Change

Behavior Solutions, LLC is a private behavior analysis consulting organization located in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Established in 1998, our team is comprised of Board Certified Behavior Analysts.   We are available to provide on-site support to agencies and families throughout Northeast Tennessee region, as well as consultation nationally.  We are dedicated to providing applied behavior analysis services of the highest quality.  Our goal is to develop strong relationships with those we serve, and to assist children and adults in achieving their maximum potential at home, school, and in the community.  We believe that everyone can succeed with the right support!

Philosophy & Methodology

From a behavior-analytic perspective, autism is a syndrome of behavioral excesses and deficits. Every behavioral aspect of autism is addressed using interventions based on the scientifically validated principles of applied behavior analysis. We focus on the development of language and other foundational skills, and are committed to intervention methods shown to be effective in the literature.


We consider each child as a unique individual and our interventions are therefore highly individualized.   We start with assessment of strengths and weaknesses across a wide range of necessary life skills – building on the individual’s established abilities.  We use formal assessments such as the ABLLS and informal methods such as direct observation in the persons natural environment and interviewing knowledgeable care-givers.


We provide a wide range of applied behavior analysis services to individuals with autism and developmental disabilities in Northeast Tennessee and surrounding region.  Additionally, we work with families, educators, and other caregivers to promote more positive learning experiences for those with special needs.    We treat individuals in the home, school, or community (wherever problems are occurring) versus in an office setting.  This is not only a convenience to you and your family – research has shown this to be the best method of promoting lasting results.

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